Import excel into two Tables

Feb 11, 2014 at 4:54 PM

i try to use one Excel File for the Import in two Tables in Lightswitch using c#. I've try something like this:
            var mappingDetail = new List<OfficeIntegration.ColumnMapping>();
            mappingDetail.Add(new ColumnMapping("Product", "TestHead"));
            var mapping = new List<OfficeIntegration.ColumnMapping>();
            mapping.Add(new ColumnMapping("Nebenordnungen", "Nebenordnungen"));

            OfficeIntegration.Excel.Import(this.TestDetailsSet, mappingDetail &    this.TestImportTempSet, mapping);
But i can't find a solution to this. I've also try the ExcelImporter (VB).
Maybe you Guys can help me.